About us

RSS WEBSHOP GRANTS YOU THE LIBERTY TO BE YOU!                                



RSS Webshop is your home of unique, affordable and durable fashion, home décor, lifestyle products and designs that defines your personality. Our mission is to grant you the liberty to be you. 


RSS Webshop is an ecommerce platform hosting a club of verified but exclusive sellers that sell products and designs that fit your personality. 

Sellers on our platform are a mix of established brands, indie brands and print-on-demand sellers that care for quality, comfort, and style. RSS Webshop is one of the sellers on the platform. It is worth noting that RSS Webshop is the only print-on-demand seller on the platform. Products from other established and indie brands, respectively are not print-on-demand.

However, you will find  a mix of both conventional design and products as well as one-of-a-kind products that you will not find elsewhere. Our sellers buy into our vision of granting you, our customers, the liberty to be you. Hence their partnership with RSS Webshop.


RSS Webshop is not just a platform of sellers. If we just offered a platform for different sellers to sell their goods, that would be an easy task.

However, that would go against out mission. So to safe guard our mission and commitment to you, our customer, we moderate activities, and processes on the platform. We act as moderators to ensure transparency between the information and transactions between the seller and you our customer.

To aid the ease of use of the platform, we harmonize the different seller policies (pricing, shipping and refund) of all sellers into one platform policy. 

We approve and reject products from sellers that  either do or do not meet our quality criteria. 

We also mediate on issues arising between you and the seller(s). In this case all communications go through us.

Obviously without being told, we ban sellers who do not abide by our rules and mission statement. That's a tough task, but we are happy to do so because your happiness is our happiness.


Product offering

We offer a platform where you, our customers, can shop for Accessories and Jewelry, Beauty, Computer and mobile phone accessories, Fitness, Hair and wigs, Home and Living Products, Kids and Babies fashion, Men's fashion
Mobile phone accessories, Mugs, Pets and Women's fashion products and designs.


We also offer deals aimed at reducing the price and shipping barriers these products. Here are some existing deals. These deals exist, irrespective of who is the seller. 

Now think about buying as much product and designs you desire at a flat shipping cost of US$3.99.

Yes, that is true. That is an example of one of our deals for our European customers, irrespective of who the seller is. There are other flat rate shipping costs per region.

If you live in the United States, then you are in luck. We do offer free shipping for 99% of products sold to the United states.

We also know that sometimes quality products can be expensive. So in collaboration with our sellers,  Our third deal is the ongoing discounts and deals below US$15 on a great deal of our products. 

We are working hard on creating more deals to ensure that you, our customer can afford the products sold on RSS Webshop.

Customer satisfaction

We are also committed to your having a good shopping experience. This is why we have the chat box and contact form. You are guaranteed a response within 24 hours. You are also guaranteed assistance within the scope of our shipping policy and refund policy.


  • Integrity: We perform our actions with integrity and transparency.
  • Accountability: Delivering on out commitments is our number only task.
  • Customer satisfaction: Striving to provide a hitch free shopping experience to our customer is our driving force.
  • Team work: We produce better results together with our staff, suppliers and customers than operating alone as a company.
Our core values are the same in every RSSWEBSHOP outlet.

Are you considering either changing or upgrading your ward rope; and/or either changing or upgrading your home décor to fit your personality? 


RSS Webshop has presence on Print-on-Demand platforms as well. We are present on the following platforms.


For more information about us, do reach out to us via the contact us page.