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Christmas Placemat Family Table Atmosphere Decoration Supplies

Christmas Placemat Family Table Atmosphere Decoration Supplies

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Material: non-woven fabric
Size: 45*35*0.5CM
Color: picture color
Category: Christmas placemat
Process: semi-manual and semi-mechanical
Specifications: 1Style: G164 red placemat, 2Style: G162 original hemp placemat, 3Style: G163 gray placemat, 4Style: W302 red forester placemat, 5Style: W303 gray forest, 6Style: W532 red and black grid placemat, 7Style: W533 Black and white placemat, 8Style: S8086 red and black placemat, 9Style: S8087 black and white placemat, 10Style: A221 old placemat A, 11Style: A223 Snowman placemat B, 12Style: A222 Christmas tree placemat C, 13Style : A224 cartoon deer placemat D style, 14Style: A225 letter deer placemat E style

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