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Digital Sunglasses

Digital Sunglasses

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1: Support mobile phones with Bluetooth function to answer music, make calls and receive prompt sounds of major chat software programs.
2: Support music up and down playback, call and music can be automatically switched, so that you will not miss every call while enjoying music
3: Support Chinese, English switch at will,
4: Support Bluetooth online one for two.
5: The lens can be rotated, and can be disassembled and replaced at will.


Name: Stereo Bluetooth Glasses
Item No.: SM02D (Support Chinese and English switching))
Color: black + gray black + yellow black + brown black + transparent black + polarized light (additional 2 yuan for polarized lenses)
Color box size: 8.6*7.2*18.1
Full set weight: 143.5g
Packing: 50PCS/carton Size: 44*39*40
Net weight: 8.5KG
Gross weight: 9KG

Package Content:

A: Card video sunglasses
B: Video glasses with stereo Bluetooth function

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