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Fitness Lazy Home Abdominal Patch

Fitness Lazy Home Abdominal Patch

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Whether it can be folded: yes
Scope of application: office, outdoor, home
Specification: Six-belly patch
Applicable scenarios: running sports, fitness equipment, health massage, fitness and body
Color: Six-belly single patch
1. Muscle exercise-exercise abdominal muscles, arm muscles, waist muscles, leg muscles and other parts to achieve muscle shaping effect. Such as six pack abdomen, mermaid line, etc.
2. Slimming-acting on human muscles, stimulating muscles and nerves, transmitting pulse signals of exercise to the muscles, prompting the muscles to complete contraction exercise, consuming energy, burning excessive fat, so as to achieve weight loss and weight loss.
3. Muscle strength recovery-After the upper limbs, lower limbs and even the torso of the human body are injured, the muscle strength decreases significantly. The use of SIRUIKANG intelligent fitness equipment can help the muscle strength gradually recover.
4. Muscle strength maintenance-the muscles undergo high-intensity training for a period of time, and the arm strength, leg strength and waist strength will gradually decrease. Use fitness equipment to maintain muscle activity, so that the muscle state is full of energy, and the strength will not be attenuated.

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