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Outdoor fitness silicone sports knee pads

Outdoor fitness silicone sports knee pads

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Body material: spandex
Applicable sports: football basketball outdoor sports
Specifications: black and purple M (double); hx17, black and purple L (double); hx17, black and purple XL (double); hx17, black and gray M (double); hx17, black and gray L (double); hx17, black and gray XL (Double); hx17, blue and gray M (double); hx17, blue and gray L (double); hx17, blue and gray XL (double); hx17, black and purple M (double); hx18, black and purple L (double); hx18 , Black and purple XL (double); hx18, black and gray M (double); hx18, black and gray L (double); hx18, black and gray XL (double); hx18, blue and gray M (double); hx18, blue and gray L ( Double); hx18, blue and gray XL (double); hx18 (mm)
Fever time: 6 hours
Material: Silicone

HX17 only has the logo without the Arrow pattern but the HX18 has the both

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