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Round Frame Fashionable White Jingting Sunglasses

Round Frame Fashionable White Jingting Sunglasses

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Product information:
Lens material: AC
Frame material: metal
Lens color: pink, yellow, red, purple, gray, green, blue, black, colorful silver, colorful purple, colorful gold, colorful blue, colorful green, colorful powder
Frame color: gold, silver, black
Spectacle structure: full frame
Glasses style: round frame
Applicable scenes: sunscreen, travel, outdoor sports, fashion, stage performance, party
Popular elements: stars of the same style, popular online, popular small books, ins style
Style: metal, Japanese and Korean, retro, fashion, personality, avant-garde, hip-hop, Hong Kong style, comfortable, simple, ins style
Applicable population: general, adult
Specification: adult
Style: universal
Strength: strong
A: Black framed yellow tablet
B: Black framed red tablet
C: Gold framed powder slice
D: Gold framed yellow tablet
E: Gold framed light red slice
F: Gold framed purple tablet
G: Gold framed blue sheet
H: Black frame grey chip
1: Gold framed grey chip
J: Gold framed dark green film
K: Silver framed cherry blossom powder
L: Gold framed cherry blossom powder
M: Gold framed white mercury
N: Silver framed green mercury
O: Silver framed white mercury
P: Gold framed green mercury
Q: Gold framed red mercury
R: Silver framed blue mercury
S: Silver frame red mercury
T: Gold framed purple mercury
U: Silver framed purple mercury
V: Gold framed blue mercury
W: Silver framed grey chip
Z: Gold framed tea slices

Packing list:
Glasses * 1

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