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Skin Moisturizing, Skin Brightening And Moisturizing

Skin Moisturizing, Skin Brightening And Moisturizing

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Product information:
Product Name: Milk Collagen Cream
Applicable people: general
Skin Type: General
Specifications: normal specifications
Lotion/cream category: lotion and cream
Net content: 80ml facial cream (g/ml)
Cosmetic effects: moisturize, brighten skin tone, moisturize and soften skin
Product specification: 80ML cream
Ingredients: milk
Ingredients: collagen


This cream is enriched withwhitening and moisturizing ingr-
Edients that rapidly infiltrate into the cuticles, remove melanin,improve the dull, sallow & unevenskin and enhance its whit-eningability, keeping fair, smooth,moisturized and elastic.

Packing list:
Cream x1

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