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Slimming massage gel

Slimming massage gel

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Special skin cosmetics specially used to reduce subcutaneous fat and make your body healthy. It contains slimming cream. It is made by adding the active components of weight loss agent and penetration enhancer to the emulsified cream matrix. When using, apply the cream to the obese area and massage it to make the active components penetrate into the skin to decompose and remove excess subcutaneous The role of fat.

specification: 85 ml
function: body slimming
use method:
Gently massage slimming cream in areas to be treated using circular movements, 15-20 minutes.
you don't feel a massage after 15 minutes
better effect as wrapping paper (Fresh-keeping film) binding 1 hour.

The skin have the warmth and itching feeling to normal, never use in the face!
do not use the pregnant women!
suitable age: 16-65

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