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Starry female watch magnet watch

Starry female watch magnet watch

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This is a new wave of Milan magnets with a vibrating mesh. The buckle is set with a magnet, which saves the cumbersome procedure of wearing a watch buckle strap. It is a one-stop adsorption, lazy design, and a second watch!        

When you are not wearing it, please put the original gasket on the watch holder or separate the magnetic buckle from the changer with other items. Do not stick the magnet buckle on the bottom cover of the dial. The watch movement is subjected to the magnetic field. Attraction will cause the precision parts inside the movement to be "sucked" and temporarily stopped. If the magnet is close to the dial due to the wearing process, it is not allowed to go or stop. It only needs to be re-adjusted. This product is equipped with high-end imported Japanese West Rail City. MIYOTA 2035 movement and original battery, please feel free to use

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